Working-class courses of music

For the MIZAR centre, promotion of culture in the territory, at all levels and for all, has a great value.

Promotion of culture means also the opportunity to learn some skills if there is interest, and, even in adulthood, to approach to unknown worlds. Curiosity and culture have no age. Too often formation forgets of adults, or it has costs not economically bearable. For this reason it is important to offer a quality formation also to those non-professional adults who wish to approach the music world maybe just for curiosity.

We intend to realize courses open to all: for those who already follow a musical education of any kind and for those who have no previous musical knowledge.

Each course is structured in a series of meetings that can deal with a particular topic, such as knowledge and discovery of a composer and his works, or a defined historical period, or a type of music and the cultural context from which it is originated.

Meetings include listening, reflections, live performances, readings, and can be of general nature in the whole path, or go down in the specific in a single meeting, so to better adapt to the needs and demands for an adult audience.