School projects

Offering projects to schools means introducing children to the world of music and art.

The aim is to educate to active listening and creativity, the attendance to "educated" or self-produced music, to create culture and to form a future audience.

Concretely, the proposals in the schools are fulfilled in projects that involve actively classes in the production of an opera or a musical fairy tale.

On the model of European projects already active, it is meant to offer musical shows where children/ teens can interact with an opera after having followed a pedagogical preparatory music class with teachers and musicians who, by going on-site, are of help both in programming than in production.

The collaboration between the artists of the centre and the school staff can provide an opportunity of enrichment not only on a cultural and artistic level, but also pedagogical and instructive.

In this way, in fact, the teacher's task is enhanced by offering a pedagogical and formative tool that can be inserted in the wide training course of his students, a path structured in technical skills to be acquired (singing or music production) social (teamwork) and creative skills (to be part of a show in active mode).

The production of projects for schools can facilitate the promotion of the centre itself but also develop new areas of participation with the involvement of artists interested in such projects.