Propaedeutic and elementary music education

The MIZAR centre means to offer training activities, preparatory to music, aimed to pre-school aged children (3-5 years), which proceed by age categories up to ten years.

These courses are addressed to pre-school aged children (3-5 years) and for age categories up to ten years and offer through entertainment a knowledge of the basic elements of musical language in order of complexity (rhythm, harmony, singing, accompaniment, etc).

For children it is offered an approach and a discovery of the evocative power of music and noise, in connection with a interactive musical narration.

The purpose of these courses is the internalization of the musical language in an early age, as a language, so as to make the music natural for the baby in his practice as in its structural-communicative features.

The goal, however, is not only music, but also the development of a group reality based on the personal enhancement of members, on the responsibility of each one for the group and of the group for each one.

To be part of a musical action built on roles, rules, distinct in moments of playtime, of listening, of imitation and of reaction to incentives, enhances the personal and collective creativity and the capacity to cooperate.

The training and personal experience of these years in South America as in Europe, has always given positive feedback for this kind of activity, for the high value of the content that it brings and the immediacy and ease of the tools it uses, so as to be in the same time appealing for child, but not excessively heavy.