Instrument lessons – music school

The MIZAR centre intends to offer the possibility to train in musical education with individual instrument lessons that can be an occasion for who wants to learn to play and be a base for those who want to be part of collective projects as ensembles or orchestra.

The project’s founders have specific training so much in music, as in teaching, so to offer a high quality education.
Moreover, this element can represent both an opportunity for economic self-reliance of the center, as a good opportunity of working for local instrumentalists.

The pedagogical proposal doesn’t want to create a standard music school, but intends to take advantage of the versatile features of the centre to offer a formation that right off considers ensembles, propaedeutic music, listening class, chamber music, orchestra, contemporary music, accompaniment, etc. so to offer also a social vision along with the music technique, as well as a complete and articulated professional training directed towards job opportunities in music field.