Firsts concrete steps

The concrete realization of the centre it’s divided in steps.  Each step has its concrete goal and its source of funding.



The first step consists in a partial opening of the centre with a reduced program of activities.
The first step allows us to start the activity with a reduced amount for rent, salaries and maintenance.
This also allows us to start the collaborations with the others institutions and promote the social and educational aspect.
In the step we’ll start with a 3-4 days weekly activity with concerts, popular courses, instrumental courses. In this way we could start to build a network of people as written in the project and promote our activity.
The amount of the first step will be financed by crowdfunding and eventual private contributions.


The second step consists in increasing the activity to a daily program. In this step it will be possible to increase all of the communitary musical activities.The organization of the activities could be optimized in this second phase according to a preemptive feedback of the first step.The second step obviously includes as always the concert activity.
The amount of this second step will be financed by foundations’ contributions and the result of the first step.


The goal is to add the part of the schedule of activities concerning scolastic projects and international exchange. This part involves different people in Argentina and in Europe and involves private and public contributions according to the single projects.