Concert activity

The intention is to present a rich, varied and high quality concert season, that can represent an opportunity for professional musicians to perform.

The collaboration and the enhancement of exiting realities in the area, allow a wide range of possibilities, in classical music but not only.

Believing in the promotion of young talents, we intend to leave space to local artists and young musicians, and also to invite guests, both from Latin America and Europe.

The proposal will go from solo to chamber music, from early music to contemporary music, from tango to the world music, from orchestra to singing, always maintaining a high artistic level and a large users base in terms of age and musical competence.

Inside the season, can take place some thematic festivals.

The proposal of the festival includes the added value to realize not only the concert "event", but also a wider exchange of artistic ideas.

Giving value to artistic projects that are born from particular ideas and repertoires, as well as adding in the festival master classes and lectures, allows to create a quality proposal for professionals, using their own skills when sufficient, or inviting composers and specialists.

Last element of the concert season will finally be a chance to perform for people who have actively participated in the training activities of the centre (music lessons, orchestra, chamber music, workshops); this element makes the pedagogical and formative proposal complete.