Even the choral activity is ensemble music and chases the same objectives of orchestra and chamber music.

The song uses voice, the most natural thing we have, but also the most intimate, as singing exposes the deep self.

Singing together has a great value for someone who is stepping forward, for the respect of the neighbour’s qualities, by taking care and joining the voices for the same goal.

Singing is for everyone, each voice can be educated and valued in the choir; they are not necessary, at least in the initial phase, years of preparation of sound generation, there are no instruments to buy, there are no problems of age or physical shape, it is not even necessary to know how to read music.

The choir is flexible and complete, and because of this proposals and repertory stretch from white voices choir to adult choir, from folk songs of different cultures to opera choirs, from holy music to gospel choir…

Also in this case, as in the previous, there is the desire to support and integrate any existing reality.

For this activity it is possible to take advantage of the experience of the founders of the centre gained in important opera theatres in Italy as master accompanist in opera choirs.