The creation of a cultural centre with the features described in this project comes from the need to:

- Fill possible spaces and improve the artistic offer in the dialogue with the existing realities

- Create a link between the cultural reality and social context, through the stimulation of an active user in the art world without preclusion due to economic possibility or age

- Act as a neutral space for dialogue between institutions and artists, so as to optimize efforts and enrich the offer

- Offer education courses and pedagogic purposes aimed to every context, be it the school environment to which back up an artistic activity, an instrumental training accessible to all, the possibility for young artists to create interdisciplinary artistic projects, the approach for adults to the artistic and cultural use, the exchange and the knowledge of new Argentine and foreign artistic realities for professionals artists

It is necessary to create an open and collaborative meeting place for art, where different realities coexist and cooperate, in consideration of the social and institutional realities, purposeful and bold in proposals, with high artistic quality standards and a democratic access: this purpose answers the needs of the context briefly outlined, helping to enrich it and adding some new elements.